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We work to promote gender equality and women's rights to land, forests and natural resources. We work with indigenous (Adivasi) and rural communities to strengthen women's constitutional rights, biodiversity knowledge practices, livelihoods and security. 

Our Land


  • Promoting Women’s knowledge, resource rights and food security rights 

  • Land rights of Widows and Single Women

  • Strengthening dialogues among Adivasi Women on Gender and land rights

  • Governance and Adivasi Women’s Leadership

  • Promoting Women's Livelihood Initiatives

Our Forests

  • Adivasi Women’s individual and collective rights under the Forest Rights Act

  • Promoting Ecological Knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation by Women

  • Forest based livelihoods and Skills

  • Women's leadership in forest governance

Our Sexual Rights


  • Working with Adolescent Girls and Boys on Gender, Health and Sexuality

  • Social security rights of adivasi, rural and migrant women

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Support to Devadasi women's Campaigns to end Devadasi dedication practices

Women's Programmes


Women's Livelihoods and Alternatives

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