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Dhaatri is a Resource Centre for women and children's rights. It is a small platform to support the everyday struggles of rural and indigenous women. Registered in 2007 under the Indian Trusts Act, the Centre is an initiative to represent the voices, perspectives and campaigns of rural, adivasi and marginalized women in India and for the protection of the rights of their children. Through our work, we help women access information, research, capacity building and exchange of skills and strategies. We work with women in communities and women's rights defenders to promote gender equality and ecological justice.

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Our young multicultural team of different genders works to address the diverse challenges faced by women and children to promote gender equality, natural resources governance, supporting livelihood initiatives and enterprises of women while building their capacities for participation in governance, leadership in decision-making, collective representation and dialogues with authorities for their and their children's health and well-being. We support the women's voices through empirical research, social audit and exchange of learnings to build dialogues across different sections of society on ecological sustainability and women's knowledge practices

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