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Dhaatri works for the protection of adivasi and other marginalised children. We work for promotion of their quality of education, health, safety and their ecological intergenerational learnings. 

Right to Education


  • Working with communities to ensure children's right to universal primary education 

  • Working with governance institutions on education entitlements to children

  • Preventing middle level school drop-out and child marriages of girls

  • Making education accessible to children with disabilities in forest areas

  • Research on Adivasi Children and Education

Social Security

  • Preventing child labour in adivasi and mining affected areas

  • Internally displaced children

  • Protection of Children of Devadasis

  • Promoting Gender Equality and sexual rights education in schools

  • Preventing trafficking of children and youth

  • Protecting children from sexual abuse and violence 

Cultural Rights

  • Cultural Knowledge Education with Adivasi Children and Elders

  • Community Radio for ecological education

  • Research and Children’s Literature on Adivasi Culture

  • Promoting intercultural nature camps


After School Education for Adivasi Children

Children's Programmes
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