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Youth Course: Understanding Sakhi’s Interventions in Hosapete

Youth interacting with residents of a mine worker colony near Hosapete

During their time in Karnataka's Hosapete, participants of our youth eco-feminist community action course had the opportunity to gain an insight into the work of Sakhi Trust, and witness the impact of its interventions. 

Youth Empowerment and Gender Sensitisation

The participants engaged in fruitful exchanges with the dynamic minds of Yuva Dhvani, the youth group associated with Sakhi Trust. They gained insights into the group's efforts in education, prevention of child marriages and retention of children in schools. The participants were inspired by the youth's determination to sensitise their own families on gender roles by actively sharing household chores. They also discussed the obstacles faced by youth organisations, such as addressing parents' prejudices and fears.

Advocacy for Action in Mining Camps

Visits to the various mine worker camps around Hosapete shed light on the deplorable living conditions endured by the residents. Lack of essential amenities such as proper water, bathrooms, and shelter plagued their daily lives. The participants got an understanding of Sakhi's relentless advocacy efforts to address these issues. The organisation's work led to significant milestones, including the provisions of electricity, monthly health camps, and the promise of relocation.

Youth interacting with Devadasi women in Hosapete

Understanding the Plight of Devadasi Women

A crucial aspect of the visit involved gaining an understanding of the Devadasi system and the challenges faced by women dedicated at a young age. The participants delved into the complex issues surrounding the Devadasi practice, predominantly affecting women from Scheduled Caste communities. They learned about the continued exploitation suffered by Devadasis and the resulting neglect and trauma faced by their children due to the associated stigma.

Youth interacting with a farmer near Hosapete

Revitalising Agriculture and Organic Farming

In the village of PK Halli, the participants met farmers supported by Sakhi who have experienced a transformative journey in land development and agricultural practices. With the organisation's support, over 160 farmers have revived nearly 400 acres of land for agriculture. The participants also gained insights into organic farming techniques, such as the process of creating Jeevamrutham (organic fertiliser) using locally available resources.



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