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Nurturing Children's Learning with Nutrition

To aid children's learning and well-being, we have launched a nutrition outreach programme for Adivasi children of mine worker communities in Madhya Pradesh's Panna and Ganj Basoda, with support from Work with Dignity Foundation. Recognising the nutritional challenges faced by the Adivasi Sahariya and Gond Adivasi populations in these areas, we have introduced this initiative for children attending our community education centres.

Bajra (pearl millet) laddoos are part of the current meal plan

Adivasi women from the community have taken on the responsibility of preparing traditional recipes for the children using seasonal, locally sourced, and nutrient-rich produce. Apart from providing essential nutrition, this is also a step towards helping the children remain connected to their cultural heritage through the traditional recipes.

Our aim is to meet the immediate nutritional needs of the children, and hope that they continue learning with energy and joy.

*Faces of the children have been blurred to protect their privacy


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