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Adivasi Women Present Micro-Plans to the District Collector, Panna - Seek Allocation of DMF Funds

Women in a meeting with the District Collector, Panna

Adivasi women from six villages in Madhya Pradesh's Panna met with the district collector to present their five-year micro-plans, outlining their local needs and highlighting the importance of proper spending of District Mineral Foundation (DMF) funds with their active participation.

DMF is a non-profit trust that was established to benefit communities affected by mining-related operations. The Gond Adivasi communities, living near the Panna Tiger Reserve, directly face the consequences of mining operations, facing the challenges of occupational health issues, land loss, deforestation, and water contamination. 

The women's representation included several recommendations for the utilisation of DMF funds, covering employment opportunities, financial aid for tuberculosis (TB) and silicosis patients, compensation for animal attacks, access to clean drinking water, and the implementation of the Forest Rights Act (FRA). They particularly emphasised on the urgent need for the formation of Forest Rights Committees (FRCs) in each village and resolving pending claims.


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