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Indigenous Women and Their Actions Taken to Stand Up for Their Rights

Women participated in a workshop in Vyara, District Tapi in Gujarat. Issues around livelihood, health and education were discussed.

The women of Jamani village in Hoshangabad collectorate submitted a memorandum to the Collector, Tehsil regarding their land rights.

A meeting was held in Raval village of Palghar regarding housing and toilet construction. They are being denied permission from Gram Panchayat so they filed an application to get permission from the block authority.

On November 29, indigenous women's groups from India celebrated 'International Women Human Rights Day'. A meeting was organised in Dahod, Gujarat by WHRD (Women's Human Rights Defender) Lilaben on the rights of indigenous migrant women workers, the challenges faced by them, and information was given on the relevant entitlements and schemes.

In Udaipur, a meeting was organised by WHRD Sadhana Meena for mining-affected women from Udaipur and Bhilwara districts, to build awareness on DMF. In Palghar, Maharashtra, indigenous women took out a march that spread awareness on the rights of indigenous women and addressed the issue of violence faced by indigenous women and girls.

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