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DMF Ka Hissa

District Mineral Foundation (DMF) is a non-profit trust that was established to benefit communities affected by mining-related operations. However, mining continues to cause widespread damage to forests and water bodies that these communities depend upon. People in these mining-affected areas are also susceptible to long-term health ailments and loss of livelihoods -- both further aggravated by the onset of the COVID pandemic.


Women in these regions have always been at the forefront of habitat-conservation efforts and the crusade against reckless mining operations. Through the 'DMF Ka Hissa' campaign, Adivasi and mining-affected women are now demanding for their basic entitlements, accountability, and representation in the fund allocation process of the DMF.


Through the proper utilisation of DMF funds, the women call for the immediate restoration of their livelihoods, rejuvenation of polluted rivers, and revival of destroyed forests.

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