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After School Education for Adivasi Children

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to education across India, Adivasi children in remote areas are among the worst-affected. Many children dropped out of school after class V to support their families. Attending online classes is also impossible for the children, thanks to poverty and India’s digital divide.


In order to aid the children reach their learning levels after the long lapse in academics, Dhaatri started a Community Education Programme with the help of widows and youth.  We include cultural and creative activities in this programme and it has got an overwhelming response from the children. We are able to support a few widows who prepare the supplementary nutrition through this programme. The Youth have taken responsibility for evening classes, with creative and cultural activities fused into academic lessons.


With the help of friends and volunteers, Dhaatri mobilized resources for school kits. We thank the Friends of Waldorf Education, Germany and our supporters for helping us bring children back into school.

Learning Through Fun

Education activities regularly include games and songs, which make learning fun for the children. Apart from the above, the children are also taken on fun learning trips.

Children's Fun Activities
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