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Youth Eco-Feminist Community Action Course

10 Months Course starting from 1st June 2023


To apply, please fill the online application form below.
If you would like to send the application by post, please download the form here, and send it to our address:
Dhaatri Trust,

Plot no. 10, Lotus Pond Colony,

Military Dairy Farm Road, Kanajiguda,

Secunderabad - 500015,


Application Form (English)

Sections marked with * are mandatory

(Applicants should be between 18 - 30 years to be eligible for participation in the course)

(Insert a ' - ' mark if Caste/Tribe not applicable)

(Please note that only participants from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana are eligible to apply for this course. No applicants will be considered from any other states)

Postal Address

Educational Qualifications:

(Please note that the minimum qualification for the course is Class 12. Applicants should have successfully completed and secured minimum marks required to pass Class 12)

Upload File
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Languages Known

(Please check the boxes based on your language skills. This is just for our understanding. No requirement to know multiple languages. Applicants who read, write and speak any one of the languages below are encouraged to apply)

Are you willing to stay full-time for the course?
Are you willing to travel to different states as part of course training?

(Only applicants who can attend all the theory sessions and are willing to primarily focus on the project work will be considered for the course)

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Suggested Thematic Areas: The applicants can prepare their note on a problem they wish to address for their community project from the fields of agriculture, forestry, firewood, grazing, traditional medicine, customary practices, language, crafts, water, veterinary medicine, traditional sports, music, customary law, youth and children’s education, or other similar topics. 


Please provide some information for your topic below:

  1. Background of village/panchayat where you want to take up your project (population, social groups, panchayat and tehsil, and other details

  2. What is the problem/ area of interest you have identified in your village

  3. What would you like to do to address this problem

  4. What kind of support and guidance do you need to work on this issue

Upload File

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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