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Youth Eco-Feminist
Community Action Course

The Youth Eco-Feminist Community Action Course is designed to help Adivasi and Dalit youth to dialogue on culture, Constitutionality and identity, and to engage with their natural resources through a gender-just lens. The course has been jointly developed by Dhaatri - A Resource Centre for Women and Children, Sakhi Trust, and Keystone Foundation. The current batch has a total of 15 youth hailing from Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. Most of them have already been working in their communities, and hope to expand their knowledge and develop new perspectives to aid their local actions. Through a 10-month long journey of praxis and learning course, the youth will visit field areas of several groups working on Adivasi and Dalit rights, women's rights, livelihood initiatives and cultural knowledge practices.

Sessions and Updates


Youth Corner

Stories, experiences, and perspectives shared by the youth.