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Reviving Wild Recipes from the Forest on the Verge of Being 'Lost'

A woman prepping ingredients for cooking 'mahua ka gulenda sabji'

In an effort to prevent their erasure, Adivasi women in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna and Vidisha districts are revisiting traditional, but now uncommon recipes. Our teams are documenting the process to ensure the recipes remain in public memory.

The rich culinary treasure of the Adivasis is being threatened by a number of factors. Drastic changes in the ecosystem due to irresponsible mining, diversion of forest lands, denying access of local communities to their own forest resources, distress migration have resulted in many of the traditional wild food becoming inaccessible or forgotten.

Washing dried Mahua flowers for sweet 'dubari'

Our teams revisited some of these recipes with women – right from sourcing of wild foods, to cooking them. Since many of the recipes carry some form of cultural significance, the process provided insights into the challenges faced by the community in upholding their identity and cultural heritage.

Phag Bhaji



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