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Ration Kits for Health and Recovery in Panna

Our barefoot health volunteer handing over ration kits to TB patients

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the recovery of tuberculosis (TB) and silicosis patients. With this understanding, our dedicated barefoot health volunteers recently undertook the initiative to distribute ration kits to patients in five villages of Panna, Madhya Pradesh. This effort aims to supplement their nutrition during their medication course and aid in their journey towards complete recovery. 

The ration kits were distributed both to those currently undergoing their six-month medication course and those who had completed it to ensure that recovery is complete.

A woman from Umravan with fresh produce from the kitchen gardens

Along with essential dietary supplies, the kits also included fresh vegetables sourced from the kitchen gardens of Adivasi women. By supporting the Adivasi women's sustainable initiatives, we aim to foster a green and circular economy within the community while simultaneously providing patients with quality produce for a balanced diet.

Panna has a history of diamond and stone mining activities, thus exposing workers, particularly from the Gond Adivasi community, to serious occupational health issues such as TB and Silicosis.


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