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Dental Camp in Mining-Affected Areas of Gudur

A free dental camp was conducted in six villages near Gudur in Tirupati district, Andhra Pradesh from February 11-13. The camp was conducted by Dhaatri in collaboration with Association for the Rural Development (ARD) to assess the oral health status of the residents in villages affected by mining in the region.

The individuals were assessed based on WHO guidelines for oral health surveys, and informed about their overall dental health and specific issues, if any. They received guidance on taking proper care of their oral health and availing further treatment if required at government hospitals.

The region, rich in mineral resources, has several silica and mica mines. Most of the Yanadis, a Scheduled Tribe (ST) community in the region, do not own any agricultural land, and hence have no other option but to depend on informal labour in the mine sites for their survival. Poverty, the hazards of working at mine sites without protective gear, and limited access to pure drinking water puts them at greater risk of diseases and injuries.



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