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Publication | Sowing Seeds of Hope - Women Dare to Trust

Step into the pages of our latest illustrated publication, featuring the inspiring story of Goni Bai, a Gond Adivasi woman from Panna, Madhya Pradesh. Discover how Goni Bai and the women of Umravan have reignited hope in their community by cultivating sustainable kitchen gardens.

Through this story, we pay tribute to women like Goni Bai who bravely confront the challenges of dispossession while reshaping sustainability narratives. Their profound ecological knowledge manifests in their dedication to nurturing both the environment and their families through collaborative endeavours and innovative ideas. Despite their minimal carbon footprint, these women face threats to their sustainable practices from external energy solutions encroaching on their lands.

By illustrating such sustainable energy solutions within communities, we advocate for a reevaluation of existing alternatives, underlining the crucial role of women in discussions surrounding energy equity.

Join us in advocating for women's energy equity through our campaign, #WomenforEnergyEquity. Let us amplify women's voices as we strive for a more inclusive, gender-just, and sustainable tomorrow. Read the full publication here.


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