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Help an Adivasi Family with a Smokeless Chulha

Cost: ₹ 1000

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Traditional chulhas (stoves), pose a significant health risk to rural Adivasi women due to inefficient burning of wood and the release of harmful smoke, which gets accumulated inside the house. Keeping the needs of these women in mind, we have come up with a better alternative in the form of smokeless chulhas. Not only does the smoke gets expelled through a cylindrical vent, but these chulhas also consume lesser fuel and aid faster cooking, easing the burden on women who spend a lot of their productive time on cooking and collecting firewood. By donating a smokeless chulha, you will provide a safer cooking environment for these women, and also support local Adivasis, who will be crafting these chulhas. Together, let's ignite positive change and transform lives.


Support an Adivasi Child's Education with a Bicycle

Cost: ₹ 6100

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Adivasi Sahariya children from the hamlets of Ganj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh, have to travel long distances on foot just to attend school. Physically drained by the taxing journey every day, children either drop out, or are unable to attend classes regularly. With your support, we want to give them bicycles, which will not only reduce their travel time significantly but will also ensure they arrive at school energised and ready to learn. Let's ensure these children are not deprived of their right to education, and enable them to dream, one pedal at a time.


Contribute to Our

Corpus Fund

Cost: ₹ 500

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At Dhaatri, we proudly promote the voices and campaigns of marginalised Adivasi women in India, and work tirelessly to protect their rights and those of their children. Your contribution to our corpus fund will help us with our organisational expenses, which are often outside the confines of the funded projects we take up. Donate now and be a part of the transformative change we are trying to make every day and help us continue our work towards building a brighter, more inclusive future for Adivasi women and children.

Please Note: If you are NOT an Indian national and would like to contribute,

please contact

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